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an imageOne by One Solutions provides computer consulting, technical support, and on-site service in south-central Nebraska, USA since October 1996. We offer you years of experience in the personal computer industry. Ed Uden has been in the PC support industry in the Kearney area for over 25 years, and will take care of your computer support needs. He pays special attention to your situation, offering you solutions one by one.

We provide quality solutions for your desktop, including hardware and software consulting and support, remote helpdesk, installations, upgrades, maintenance and training. From a standard desktop to corporate intranets, we will provide you with the right solution for your needs. We are a support organization, so we do not have hardware sales influencing our support decisions. We also offer you an affordable professional solution for your online presence and website. We will take care of your online details, setting up your website hosting and registration, creating your website and helping you maintain and promote it. Just like our consulting business, we offer this so you don't have to know every technical detail about web design and services, we will take care of that for you.

Whatever your computer needs are, contact us for professional services and consulting.

Some technology firms that seek to do business with you don't always understand that the use of computers is not an end unto itself but the means to an end. They are often focused on their business instead of yours. Your business is in business to provide your services and make money and computers are only tools that business people use to do business. It's not enough to just know computers, software and networks. Above all else, a technology firm must understand that their customers are not in business just to buy goods and services from them.

What I can provide your business, large or small, is creative experienced consulting. I speak your language and theirs. Let me insulate you from all the hype and jargon and protect your interests. Allow me to translate for you and show you good customer service with good attitudes.

I understand that it's not about the computers.
It's about what you do with them!

"We think inside the box so you can think outside the box."

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